Full Steam Ahead with Richard Trevithick

Key Stage 2

Explore Cornish industry and invention as you step into the shoes of great machine maker and problem solver Richard Trevithick. How would you solve mining's toughest engineering problems? 

Aims of the workshop:

  • To learn about the history of Cornish invention specifically Richard Trevithick and the steam engine
  • To test out machines and inventions.
  • Immerse students in an environment alive with science and technology
  • To discover the properties and forces in the machines around Geevor.

What happens on the day?

Students are introduced to the idea of inventing machines to solve problems experienced by mine engineers and are shown inventions of the past. Students will try out different pumping methods for extracting water from mines by using simple versions of real machines. 

Bring your cameras!!!


Main themes: Science (Materials and Forces), History (Significant historical events, people and places)


Accompanying Resources


For this workshop, the standard Outreach would be suitable for this age group, or the Mini-Miners! Outreach may also be suitable for younger students. Available to local groups. A charge to cover petrol costs applies.

Loans Box:

There is not yet a specific loans box for this workshop, but the Mining History Box introduces the basics of hard rock mining through objects and complements any site visit. Or, for younger students, the Basil and Scraggs Loans Box contains Geevor's own storybook and accompanying activities to prepare for a site visit.

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More details for teachers:

Links to relevant downloadable pdfs can be found along the right of this page (scroll up). Further teaching resources, audios and photos can be downloaded from our Resources Bank.


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you made to good on my project

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