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Sub Station

substation switchs

From the early 20th century Geevor was electrically powered.

The electricity was first supplied by the Cornwall Electric Power Company of Hayle. As the mine developed the demand for electricity grew. In the early 1950s a bigger substation was built at Trewellard. From this sub station an underground cable brought  the electricity to a switchgear to the substation at Geevor.The transformers reduced the voltage before transferring it to different parts of the mine.

To keep everything working properly, the mine required up to 2.2 megawatts of power a day, about £800 a day. The site today uses less then 5% of the 2.2 megawatts.

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 Photograph reproduced with the kind permission of Pat Comber

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Comment left by Bob Orchard on 2016-08-27 07:11:11

The original substation was the building that is now the mine shop. 11,000 Volt power via underground cable from the Trewellard substation did not happen until the mid 1970's

Comment left by Bob Orchard on 2016-08-27 07:14:20

The 11,000 Volt three phase power lines (two sets) from Hayle to Geevor were known as "Geevor black" & "Geevor white"


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